12 Things You Never Cared to Learn About Wine, But I’m Making You.


  1. If you take the seeds from a wine grape and re-plant them, those seeds grow into a completely new varietal. All varieties are reproduced by taking “cuttings” from specific “clone” grape vines and grafting them on to the shoots of other vines.Butter
  2. The butteriness experienced in many domestic Chardonnays is created from Malolactic Fermentation: a strain of bacteria is used to convert the Malic acid in the wine into Lactic acid, the same acid found in milk and therefore, butter.
  3. Wine corks make great packing peanuts. Trust me.cork peanuts
  4. Champagne is “Traditional Method” Sparkling wine that is only made within the district of Champagne, France. If it is made outside of Champagne but still in France, it is called Crémant.
  5. In traditional Champagne houses, the person in charge of slightly The_Riddler_3rotating each of the bottles until the yeast reaches the neck of the bottle is known as The Riddler.
  6. Zinfandel is only found in California. …Unless you count Primitivo, which has been discovered to be the Italian varietal equivalent.
  7. Pinotage, the trendy varietal of South America, is a crossing pinotagebetween Pinot Noir and Cinsault.
  8. A large Slovenian oak cask, used to make many Italian wines, holds 22,000 bottles worth of wine and is large enough to host a four-person dinner party; maybe more if they’re French (kidding… sort of.)
  9. When planning to drink an entire bottle of nice wine by yourself, use wine_large2a gigantic candle holder/vase/decoration that has a stem and can hold an entire bottle. It will double as a decanter and your wine glass, plus it will cut back on dishes. You’re welcome.
  10. As red wine ages, it gets lighter. Tannins combine with the pigments and precipitate to the bottom of the bottle as sediment.
  11. As white wine ages, it gets darker. This is from a combination of general age progression, oxidation and oak influence.
  12. No matter how much nerdy, knowledgeable, hoyty-toyty wine junk you know, at the end of the day, it’s just fermented grape juice and all that matters is if it’s delicious when you drink it.

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